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Jupiter, FL, dermatology practice offers screening, diagnosis, and treatment for skin cancer

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Learning that you might have skin cancer is scary, but it’s one of the easiest types of cancer to identify, which leads to a higher recovery rate with prompt treatment. Patients who receive regular skin cancer screenings from their dermatologist have a greater change of maintaining healthy skin. Dr. Peter Vitulli, in Jupiter, FL provides several important skin cancer procedures.


Because of Jupiter’s sunny weather, Dr. Vitulli’s patients know that they must be diligent about receiving regular screenings in the A Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery office. Dr. Vitulli will check the entire body, looking for abnormally shaped moles or skin tags, especially ones that have developed or changed since the patient’s last screening. Maintaining a regular schedule allows Dr. Vitulli to monitor the skin.


If Dr. Vitulli finds an area of concern, he will perform a biopsy to remove all or a piece of the skin at that location. This can often be performed at the same time as the screening to provide convenience for the patient and a faster answer. The biopsied area is then sent to a pathologist who will determine if there are cancerous cells present.


If a skin cancer diagnosis is made, patients can work with Dr. Vitulli to determine what their next steps should be to treat it. There are many ways to remove the cancer including excision, Mohs surgery, or radiation. In most cases, removing the mole is the end of treatment. However, depending on the type of cancer, Dr. Vitulli may refer you to an oncologist for further testing or discussions about treatment.

Dr. Vitulli of A Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery provides a full suite of dermatology services for his patients. For more information about skin cancer or to schedule a screening, call 561-427-2000.

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"The BEST dermatologist and staff
I started seeing Dr. Vitulli a few years ago because of my fair skin and frequent cases of skin cancer. He and his staff have always made me feel very comfortable, they are very informative and spend time with me to ensure I understand everything. Dr. Vitulli is a very kind and caring physician and educates patients in preventive care. His bedside manner is fabulous!"