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Laser Hair Removal

Want daily shaving, painful waxing, messy creams, and silly depilation gimmicks out of your life? Ready to get rid of unwanted body hair forever? Would you like to look movie star smooth? Then laser hair removal could be for you!

SPTL (selective photothermolysis) is one of the newest hair removal technologies available. It works by sending intense, accurate pulses of light to destroy hair follicles without damage to the surrounding skin.

Since the laser targets areas of concentrated melanin (pigment in your skin and hair), it works best on patients with light skin and dark hair. However, the professionals at A Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery can successfully and safely administer laser hair removal to even those with extremely dark skin. We may also suggest a follow-up of conventional electrolysis to get rid of very fine, light hair.

Laser hair removal is fast and effective. Our patients love the results! Depending on your coloration, skin and hair type, and the location of removal, we’ll schedule an initial set of treatments – usually three-to-eight, with several weeks in between. Hair grows in stages (anagen, telogen, and catagen). Laser treatment is effective only on growing (anagen) hairs, so multiple sessions are required to catch all growth. You’ll see improvement right away, though, and less hair after each treatment.

Laser treatment eliminates existing hair. But it cannot prevent new hairs from growing in. You may want to schedule periodic “touch-ups” to maintain your smooth, sexy look.

Laser hair removal is relatively painless. Some patients experience minor discomfort from the heat of the laser, but it can be minimized with topical numbing cream. Side effects, lasting only a day or two, can include itching, redness, and swelling. But they are unusual; our technicians are trained in selecting the right laser and method for your situation. We will discuss any other potential side effects based on your health and medications.

Wake up each morning looking groomed and silky. Free yourself from the expense and inconvenience of daily hair removal. Call today for a consultation.

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"THE BEST DERMATOLOGIST Dr. Vitulli is one of THE best dermatologists in the area. I've lived in the Palm Beach gardens / Jupiter area for 27 years and have had quite a few dermatologists. I am moving (hopefully temporarily) and I have to say that I will have a hard time finding a doctor as kind and caring as he is."