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Set in sunny Palm Beach County, many residents of Jupiter, FL, feel pressured to look healthy and fit all year long. While there are many ways to try to lose weight – a healthy diet, a Paleo lifestyle, Pilates and yoga, or cross fit, there is no one size fits all solution to losing a dress size. In fact, many individuals do all of these things and still don't achieve the results they want. Sometimes, no matter how hard you exercise or how much you diet, some pockets of fat simply won't budge. This can lead to frustration, sadness, or low self-esteem. Patients may assume that the only option they have is to undergo painful plastic surgery.

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However, now there's a new option. Dr. Peter Vitulli, an esteemed dermatologist offers his patients SculpSure, an effective solution without the scalpels and stitches. SculpSure is a treatment that breaks down fat pockets by heating the tissue. Its technology is so advanced that it can target the exact cells below the skin and deliver the energy directly to those cells. They are broken down and naturally eliminated by the body. The treatment takes less than 30 minutes, and several areas of the body can be treated at the same time. Patients are kept comfortable during the procedure using a trademarked Contact Cooling technology. Because the treatment includes natural elimination of the fat cells, results are not noticed immediately, but take between 6 and 12 weeks.

While there are many other ways to address fat pockets, including various forms of liposuction, SculpSure offers several benefits. First, because it's a non-invasive treatment, patients typically feel no pain and can return to work, parenting, or play immediately. There's no anesthesia to wear off or incisions that need to heal. Additionally, unlike other non-invasive treatments that require several visits to the doctor's office, SculpSure works in a single visit.

While SculpSure isn't a substitution for a healthy diet and active lifestyle, it can help patients trim their problem areas and look and feel better. If you have troublesome spots on your abdomen, outer thighs, upper arms, knees, obliques, back, or other areas, call Dr. Vitulli's office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Vitulli is educated, trained, and experienced at helping his patients achieve the look they want.

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SculpSure Video
SculpSure Video


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"The BEST dermatologist and staff
I started seeing Dr. Vitulli a few years ago because of my fair skin and frequent cases of skin cancer. He and his staff have always made me feel very comfortable, they are very informative and spend time with me to ensure I understand everything. Dr. Vitulli is a very kind and caring physician and educates patients in preventive care. His bedside manner is fabulous!"