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Jupiter residents ask, "What is SculpSure?"

Individuals in Jupiter, FL, who are frustrated with trying to tighten their waistline or banish stubborn fat pockets on their thighs are quickly learning about SculpSure, a revolutionary new technology that targets and reduces fat. Recently approved by the FDA for the non-invasive fat reduction, SculpSure can be used on the abdomen, obliques, outer thighs, and arms. Patients undergoing the procedure have been thrilled with their results which range from fitting into an old pair of jeans, to feeling more confident at the beach or pool, to losing those last stubborn inches.

Dr. Peter Vitulli has helped countless patients achieve their desired cosmetic results. Dr. Vitulli's office offers cosmetic and medical dermatology, fillers, laser hair removal, various forms of liposuction and now SculpSure. Here, Dr. Vitulli answers some of the most common question about the procedure.

Perhaps the most common question is from patients who simply want to know what the procedure is, and how it works. Dr. Vitulli explains that SculpSure works by using laser light to heat pockets of fat below the skin. Once the energy breaks up the pockets of fat, the body uses its natural process of elimination to remove them. The procedure only takes 25 minutes, however, because of the elimination process, it may take several weeks for individuals to notice a change in their bodies.

Patients often ask about the benefits of this procedure over other cosmetic treatments such as liposuction. The biggest advantage of SculpSure is that it is not invasive. There is no anesthesia to administer, no incisions, and no need for days of pain medication and recovery following the treatment. In fact, patients can read, listen to music, and use their phones or tablets during the procedure. Once it's complete, patients can immediately return to their daily activities.

SculpSure is an effective treatment for individuals who have stubborn areas that exercise and diet can't fix. It is not a substitution for a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. It won't help patients lose significant amounts of weight or drop several pants size. If you're wondering if SculpSure could give you the results you want, call Dr. Vitulli's office to schedule a consultation.
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Dr. Peter Vitulli is a highly sought-after and popular board-certified dermatology and board-certified Mhs surgeon in Jupiter. Having earned his medical degree at the College of Osteopathic Medicine of Nova SouthEastern University, he completed his residency and internship at the University of Tennessee and attended a dermatology residency program at Nova SouthEastern University. Dr. Vitulli possesses vast training and experience in all aspects of pediatric and adult dermatology and offers comprehensive treatment solutions with an interdisciplinary diagnosis approach and impeccable follow-up care. He is particularly passionate about the management of skincare. With over two decades of experience in providing exceptional surgical and aesthetic services and medical care, he holds Fellowships and Memberships with several prestigious professional associations including the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology and the American Society of Mohs Surgery, among others.

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