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Are you looking for an effective acne cure? Treatment with your Jupiter dermatologist may be in order

In the United States, acne is one of the more prevalent skin conditions. We tend to look at acne as a “teen” problem, but the truth is that many adults also suffer from breakouts. Acne is not simply a condition of the teen years, nor is it the result of poor hygiene habits or diet. Although hormones, cleanliness, and nutrition can all play a part in our skin health, these factors alone do not lead to acne.

Treating acne can be just as confusing as the characteristics of the condition itself. There are so many acne fighting products on the market, determining which, if any, could be right for you may be a chore. The question of which product or treatment is right for any one person has no single answer. We are each different, and are best served with a product tailored to our unique needs.

Commercial acne products

Most people, when they experience persistent acne, seek relief with over the counter face washes, ointments, or lotions. Most of these products are based on something like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. For mild acne, they may be effective acne treatment, but not a cure. If acne persists with the use of such products, it is time to seek treatment with your dermatologist in Jupiter.

When to get professional help

It is not necessary to suffer the consequences of acne for months, or years. It is also not necessary for acne to be severe in order to seek professional treatment from your experienced dermatologist. Dr. Vitulli treats men and women of various ages with mild to severe acne, and has options for effective treatment based on the unique needs of each person’s skin.

If over the counter products fail to clear the skin within a few weeks, or if skin becomes more irritated from such products, a visit to your dermatologist is recommended. You may have highly sensitive skin that requires milder acne products or innovative non-chemical treatments. The irritation you are experiencing may even be something other than acne, such as rosacea. Attempting to treat this condition as acne is likely to produce further irritation.

Working with your dermatologist to solve acne problems keeps you from suffering needlessly with this condition. Immediately, you will find that effective acne treatment allows you to see clearing in your skin, which will enable you to remain confident in your appearance. Handling acne early also prevents the issue of scarring.

A Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery offers a variety of treatment options to help you banish your breakouts. Dr. Peter Vitulli has an extensive background in treating a diverse collection of skin conditions. After a comprehensive evaluation in our Jupiter dermatology office, you will know how to care for your skin’s unique needs.

Don’t let acne steal your confidence. Contact us today for your consultation.

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