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Obtaining acne treatment in Jupiter decreases emotional distress

As adults, we may tend to look at acne as just a natural part of adolescence. For years, blemishes of whiteheads, blackheads, or pustules had no real treatment other than over the counter medications. Today, we know through studies that this solution is not very effective. Acne, even in its moderate forms, has a significant detrimental effect on young people, altering their sense of themselves and diminishing their overall well-being.

It is important for parents to understand, as dermatologists do, that the severity of acne is not necessarily the main culprit of lowered self-esteem, as the patient's own personality also needs to be taken into consideration. A teen with mild acne can be just as emotionally upset as one with more severe pustules. From this standpoint, we can adequately recommend the most suitable acne treatment in Jupiter.

Over the years, doctors and nurses, as well as aestheticians have polled their young clients on the subject of acne, and have discovered that this common adolescent condition has a very serious impact on teens, resulting in problems with:
  • Low self-esteem that stems from embarrassment over the blemishes that cannot be hidden. Acne is directly related to body image, something of great importance to every teen. When unhappy with their appearance, teens may avoid making eye contact, which subsequently places restraint on their personality and negatively impacts social interaction. When teenage girls suffer from acne, their initial response may be to wear more makeup; a habit that further exacerbates irritated skin and clogged pores.
  • Withdrawal from peers. Teens are all about social situations, which can include teasing and lack of acceptance for the adolescent with acne. As self-esteem takes a hit, so does social interaction. The teen years are the time in life when relationships are forming with regular frequency. Boys and girls are discovering romance, and each teen is discovering more about him or herself. Dealing with acne at this critical point in life impacts emotional growth and may turn a normally outgoing teen into a shy wallflower.
Acne is not a rite of passage that any teen must suffer through. Today, dermatologists are armed with a variety of tools to successfully deal with acne so adolescent boys and girls can better enjoy this time in their lives. To discover how you can help your teen, contact us for acne treatment in Jupiter.

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