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Rejuvenating your look with laser treatment in Jupiter

A number of medical and cosmetic procedures have become available thanks to advances in laser technology. At A Center for Dermatology, Dr. Vitulli utilizes lasers to help patients accomplish their personal aesthetic goals, customizing each laser treatment in Jupiter to address needs while keeping the health of skin in mind.

One of the reasons some patients seek laser treatment in Jupiter is to revive the face through elimination of unwanted wrinkles. Through various tools and techniques, we consistently see excellent results. Laser treatment is terrific when topical creams and specialty products can no longer make the kind of difference in the skin that you need for a vibrant appearance.

Laser treatments in Jupiter are extremely popular because such procedures are very controlled, with sensors that alert your clinician of the state of your skin from the moment treatment begins to completion. As such, our patients are treated to tighter, firmer, more supple skin without lengthy downtime in most cases.

There are three different types of lasers commonly used today for cosmetic repair. Within each type are treatments that are fully customized to the patient, facilitating safe and effective solutions to various skin concerns, such as wrinkles.

Non-ablative laser treatments are those that use heat to affect the skin. This is the gentlest of the three types, creating no "wounds" to the skin. Ideal for the treatment of new lines that have not developed into deep wrinkles, a non-ablative laser procedure is very mild and produces natural results with no down time needed. The use of heat encourages the production of collagen, which nourishes the treated skin, leading to increased elasticity and softness.

Fractional procedures using laser technology are a bit more aggressive than non-ablative procedures, and extremely effective at producing a rejuvenated appearance. Less invasive than full ablative laser resurfacing, fractional laser treatments create small "injuries" to fewer areas on the skin, as the laser energy is broken up. What this means to the patient is that enough skin is affected to increase production of collagen, but not so much that down time is needed for healing. The healthy skin that lies between areas treated with the laser promote faster healing while not affecting results. Fractional laser treatments can produce tighter skin and improve skin tone and texture, diminishing the appearance of sun damage.

The most aggressive laser treatment is ablative resurfacing, which does require some recovery time. This type of treatment would be considered just one-step away from a surgical face-lift, in that it does create small wounds on the skin as a way to create a dramatically improved appearance. Safe and highly effective, ablative laser treatments are ideal for those who wish to address significant sun damage and deep wrinkles.

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