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Understanding the symptoms and treatment options for women’s hair loss


Dr. Peter vitulli Hair Loss Symptoms Jupiter
Everyone experiences some amount of hair loss. We find several strands on our shoulders or clothing, in our hairbrushes, or on the bathroom floor. In many cases, shedding is minimal and is part of the lifecycle of healthy hair. This normal growth cycle is barely noticeable in terms of length or thickness of your hair. However, when the growth pattern becomes interrupted, it can lead to noticeable hair loss. Many people believe that this is only a problem for men, but plenty of women, especially those in their 50s or 60s, will notice some form of hair loss.

Individuals with healthy hair lose 50 to 100 strands on most days, with up to 250 strands lost when the hair is washed. Because most people don’t count the strands of hair they find, it can be difficult to notice when hair loss is becoming a problem. Some of the most common symptoms those with recently-identified hair loss cite are large amounts of hair on the pillow, a noticeable increase of hair in the comb or brush, receding from the forehead, or a widening part.

When a woman notices hair loss, she’s often not sure where to turn for help. Infomercials and drug stores frequently sell products making bold claims about hair restoration. However, unless the cause of the hair loss is identified, those products typically fall short of their claims. Dr. Peter Vitulli of the established Jupiter, FL, dermatology practice, helps patients identify the cause of their hair loss, and then works to reverse it.

Often the first step to identifying source of hair loss is to have the blood tested. This test rules out thyroid or autoimmune disorders. Other ways to determine the cause is through an examination of the hair follicles. If Dr. Vitulli notices that new hair follicles are thinning and finer than older hair follicles, it is likely that the patient has female-pattern hair loss, a hereditary condition that affects approximately 50 percent of women.

Other causes for hair loss include hormonal changes, medications, skin conditions, extreme stress, physical trauma, weight loss, or two much of certain vitamins. The exact trigger can be hard to identify because hair loss can set in as much as six months following one of these experiences.

Regardless of the reason for the hair loss, Dr. Vitulli understands that it can be uncomfortable and make a patient feel self-conscious. Therefore, he works individually with each patient to help identify the best treatment method to help restore the hair and bring back self-esteem.

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