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Dermatology specialist offers Slim Lipo for his Jupiter patients

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Dr. Peter Vitulli is a dermatology specialist in jupiter
Diet and exercise are often the first things that individuals who want to slim their bodies try to change. In Jupiter, there’s a wide array of physical activities for residents to enjoy all year long. From bicycling to crossfit, residents can find many ways to stay in shape. The county also offers a wide variety of healthy food options and weekly farmers markets.

However, even with the best nutrition and most rigorous physical activity, people often have problem areas they just can’t fix. That’s why dermatology specialist, Dr. Peter Vitulli, offers Slim Lipo, an alternative to traditional liposuction that delivers amazing results.

What is Slim Lipo?

Slim Lipo contours the body in a minimally invasive, laser-assisted liposuction procedure. It can be used to target problem areas on the abdomen, arms, glutes, thighs, and neck to permanently eliminate pockets of fat. The procedure is minimally invasive, only requiring local anesthesia to keep patients comfortable.

How does Slim Lipo work?

The Slim Lipo laser fiber is inserted into the problem areas using a very narrow tube. The laser separates the fat cells from the membranes, which turns them into a liquefied state. Next, fat is gently removed using suction. With various wavelengths, the treatment will destroy fat pockets, thicken blood vessels, and stimulate the production of collagen, which helps tighten skin and improve elasticity.

Advantages of Slim Lipo

In addition to providing patients with a slimmer body, better fitting jeans, or feeling better in their bikinis, Slim Lipo offers many additional benefits over traditional liposuction or other plastic surgery treatments. For example, patients do not need general anesthesia during the appointment, which speeds recovery time. Additionally, Slim Lipo leads to less bruising and swelling.

With Slim Lipo, you receive treatment one day and turn heads the next. Are you ready? Call 561-427-2000. Jupiter dermatology specialist, Dr. Vitulli, helps patients target stubborn fat with Slim Lipo. Call 561-427-2000 to schedule an appointment.

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