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Lip augmentation can be achieved with Restylane injections in Jupiter, FL

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Dr. Peter Vitulli and the team at A Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic, and Laser Surgery in Jupiter, Florida understand how patients feel when they are unhappy with their appearance. Fine lines, wrinkles, and folds that develop as we age can have an effect on self-confidence. By using dermal fillers and other cosmetic injectables, patients can achieve the appearance they desire. In addition, injections such as Restylane are used for lip augmentation.

Why augment the lips?

While it makes sense to use fillers to reduce the appearance of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, patients often ask about the benefit of using injections for augmenting the lips. Augmentation of the lips is done for men and women who are unhappy with their thin lips. By injecting Restylane into the lips, patients can add volume and a more “pouty” look. Their lips enhance their overall appearance.

How Restylane works

Restylane, as well as other injectables in the Restylane family of products, works by adding volume specifically where it is needed. When injected into folds and wrinkles, it smooths the skin and provides noticeable yet natural results for several months before reinjection is necessary.

Where can Restylane be used?

Most patients use Restylane:
  • For lip augmentation
  • For frown lines
  • For the nasolabial folds (nose-to-mouth lines)
  • Restylane and other solutions

    Dr. Peter Vitulli of A Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic, and Laser Surgery proudly provides patients with a myriad of non-invasive solutions for turning back the hands of time and addressing problems such as reduced volume, skin laxity, and fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Restylane is just one of several treatments available. Our team encourages men and women who are seeking alternatives to plastic surgery to discuss with a dermatological professional the benefits of utilizing solutions such as Restylane for an improved appearance. Call 561-427-2000 to connect with our friendly front office team to book an appointment at 4600 Military Trail, Suite 107.

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