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Jupiter dermatologist provides excellent pediatric care to young patients near Jupiter

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Professional Pediatrician Examining Infant, Pediatric Dermatologist Near Jupiter
Finding a dermatologist to treat your child may be more difficult than locating some other pediatric professionals. Residents near Jupiter, FL, have access to one of the best professionals in the field of dermatology with Dr. Peter Vitulli and his team, conveniently located off Military Trail in Jupiter, FL. In addition to providing the most advanced services with expert and gentle care to adults, Dr. Vitulli can also provide the same care to children as well.

Why would my child need to visit a dermatologist?

Parents may be referred to a dermatologist to treat their child for many skin conditions, including eczema, removal of a birthmark or wart, acne in children or teens, and psoriasis. In some cases, a pediatrician can recommend treatment, but many times patients are better served by a doctor who is specially trained in these conditions.

How will my child be treated?

Dr. Vitulli recognizes that treating children requires a different approach than treating adults. Children are not just small adults, they have very different needs and requirements to feel relaxed and comfortable. Many children, especially the very young, cannot communicate how they feel or if their skin condition is making them uncomfortable.

Dr. Vitulli and his team work to ensure that parents are comfortable with their approach and treatment plan as well. As with all patients, Dr. Vitulli first ensures that the patient is comfortable and then provides the treatment using the most effective advanced methods.

With this specialized treatment, children can receive care that includes:
  • Fast and accurate diagnosis of skin conditions
  • Precise treatment of conditions or removal of warts or birthmarks
  • Biopsies of the skin, using a combination of advanced techniques, local anesthesia, and distraction to ease patient fears

To schedule an appointment for your child, call the office of Dr. Vitulli today.

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"The BEST dermatologist and staff
I started seeing Dr. Vitulli a few years ago because of my fair skin and frequent cases of skin cancer. He and his staff have always made me feel very comfortable, they are very informative and spend time with me to ensure I understand everything. Dr. Vitulli is a very kind and caring physician and educates patients in preventive care. His bedside manner is fabulous!"