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Handle facial wrinkles naturally with LaViv™ treatments in Jupiter

We cannot escape the changes that occur in our bodies over time. Our skin communicates to the world how we have lived, and how long. Because the skin is affected by other factors in addition to actual years lived, we may begin to look older than we feel, or older than we are. When the signs of aging appear, you have a new way to improve the look of your skin. Using LaViv™ treatments, facial wrinkles can be diminished in just a few visits to our Jupiter practice.

Empowering the body with the body

Our skin contains various cells, all of which promote tone, elasticity, and smooth texture. In the middle layer of the skin is where fibroblasts live. These stem cells actively produce collagen, the matrix that builds strong, healthy skin. Collagen is sent to heal wounds, and to keep skin resilient on an ongoing basis. With age, our skin is served by fewer fibroblasts. Collagen production, therefore, is diminished, and the skin suffers the consequences.

LaViv™ is a rejuvenating treatment that uses the body’s own fibroblast cells to promote the production of collagen. In this course of treatment, patients’ own cells, numbering in the tens of millions, are grown in a specialized lab. The solution that is prepared for injection into fine lines and wrinkles contains 98 percent autologous (your own) material. Additional components include growth factors, salts and sugars, vitamins, amino acids, and water.

Treatment designed around your needs

Many people like what LaViv™ allows them to do: rejuvenate their skin with a more holistic solution. In our office in Jupiter, we begin treatment by capturing small skin samples from the area behind the ear. This initial step is performed with local anesthetic so it is completely comfortable. The small sample of skin obtained is then sent to the Fibrocell Science lab, where personal rejuvenating serum is made from the original cell. This serum contains millions of healthy new fibroblast cells, in addition to other nutrients. Fibroblasts are frozen for preservation, and the serum is ready for use in about 3 months.

When the time comes to insert LaViv™ into the skin, your dermatologist will numb the area to assure comfort. The serum is then expertly applied to areas such as smile lines, crow’s feet, or the forehead depending on need. Total facial rejuvenation can be achieved by treating just a few areas.

LaViv™ treatments may produce small red bumps, bruising, or swelling. Any side effects from injections typically last a few days to a week. Optimal results come from three sessions, scheduled three to six weeks apart. After each treatment, the skin continues to improve as collagen nourishes the skin.< br>
You do not have to use products that do not feel authentic to you. With LaViv™ you can achieve your desired results with your own cells. Contact us for more information or to schedule your visit.

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